What if the MLS could be reinvented

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First let’s gather some info. I am just scratching the surface, gathering all the information here about the MLS would be a huge task. It took me years to unravel the information I found in different blogs, papers and research done by some very smart people. My mission is to look at the MLS in an abstract childish way, without being devoured by all the data, insights, politics and opinions. My simplistic and unbiased vision … Read More

MLS a new global vision

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Wouldn’t it be great if real estate professionals around the world could connect and share their inventory!┬áThat’s a thought that came up to me about 8 years ago. Working with each other instead of against each other,┬áthe combined effect would be greater than the sum of the individual effects. In the United States and Canada the realtors have access to the MLS*, and their clients get a better service! When you are a broker/agent from … Read More