The time has come to let you in on a secret!

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After years of research, build and rebuild, a new Real-Estate app is ready to be revealed. First to those who can help us beta-test the YESMLS app so we can fine tune it to be ready for all Real-Estate Professionals.

Let me give you a brief description and vision on the (Business to Business) app.

First of all its free, yes completely free! You’re probably thinking ‘yeah right …’ there must be a catch somewhere! Well … there isn’t, but we will need your enthusiasm to succeed.

The revenue model is based on sponsors, the home screen has 3 spots where Real-Estate related company’s can promote their brand or service via a clickable link to their website or landing page. So here’s where your enthusiasm is vital, when the app has a lot of enthusiastic members, the sponsors will be eager to advertise.

What will it do? As you already guessed by the name it’s an MLS platform … will it compete with your local MLS’s? Of course not, it’s a very basic alternative platform that doesn’t have all the extra functionality and services that your local MLS’s provide.

Simply put, you can connect with other members and share your listings. That’s it! Connect, share and synergies …

Simplicity has always been the focus! Don’t get me wrong it’s not a ‘simple’ app, it’s a very complex app that looks feels and functions in a simple way.

Here’s how it works, for now only on iPhone and iPad.

You can create your own account with some basic info, name, country, state, city, email, telephone … Once this is done, you become visible on the app as a member. Now you can browse other members profiles and send out connection requests.

You can input your listing, entering only basic info or more … you choose. You have the choice to activate it as a public listing or as a pocket listing. A public listing can be seen by all members, the pocket listing only by you or any other member that you gave access. What’s the use of a pocket listing if everyone can see it, right?

Giving another member access to your listing also gives them access to a folder containing files. This is done by entering a web based link to Dropbox or google drive …

You share the listings you want with your members of choice!

This is a radical change of concept that will be loved by some and hated by others, but hey sometimes it’s exciting to think and act outside of the box …

This way we all become unique, everybody has their own choice who to connect to and what listings you want to share … create your own private cluster and synergies with the members that you love working with!

Other features include Groups, Newsfeeds and notifications …

The vision is to enable all Real-Estate professionals to connect without boundaries.

It can be used anywhere to create the member and portfolio base you need.

We will launch in Canada and the United States where cooperation has been embedded for a very long time and where we hope to get the best feedback.

In time and budget, with a little help from our sponsors 🙂 we will gradually launch in other country’s and make this a global app for local users.



When: December 2017 we start the beta-testing

Where: Canada and the United States

Who: Brokers, Realtors, Agents …

How: You need to own an IPhone (It also works on iPad but it’s optimized for IPhone) You need to download TestFlight from the App Store, an activation code will be given to download the YESMLS app.

What: Explore the app, create listings, connect to other beta-testers (members) share listings ….

Feedback: Give us your feedback or report the bugs at

Note: we are looking to test the app and getting it optimized and bug free, we are not asking to add features. Although we will note them down and keep them for future reference. We will safeguard the simplicity of the app and don’t want it to be able to do everything for everyone. We want it to be very good in its core features.

How to become a Beta-Tester: please send us your title, full name, country, city and email on, we will add you to our list.

We really appreciate your time and energy in testing the app, thanks in advance and please spread the word 🙂

Regards from me, Anthony Deketelaere and my team of super app creators at they take care of the technical miracles.

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